“JUNK” Passage Gallery in Sydney, Australia

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Solo Show: JUNK
Artist: Xiao Lu
Work: JUNK (Installation/Performance)
Passage Gallery, Sydney 
14 June -19 July 2024

About “JUNK”
A black room, visible round the clock from the outside through glass.
A black table, a bottle of ink, a brush-pen, several stacks of xuan paper. Eight red light bulbs.
I come to Passage Gallery irregularly. Using ink, I scrawl freely on sheet after sheet of xuan paper and then throw them in the air. Gradually, rubbish fills the space.
For thousands of years in China, literary scholars have moved in the detachment of painting landscapes and flowers-and-birds. Savouring the exquisite elegance of the otherworldly aesthetics of avoiding reality, they have achieved a nation which has seen generation after generation of centralized feudal and imperial power.
I have come from China, where there is a strict system of art censorship with untouchable red lines everywhere. The self-censorship of art organisations and artists erodes everybody’s spirit.
The blackness surrounds me: terror, oppression, helplessness, anger, despair, freedom, roaring, resistance...
And one other thing: it can go to fucking hell.

— Xiao Lu


Passage Gallery Website https://xiaolu.com.au/index.php?c=show&id=160

Radio Free Asia Reports:https://www.rfa.org/english/news/china/australia-art-exhibit-junk-06172024135802.html?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR16jpWvijqv7vRQmFdJgk96j8qvYUzBhI9yWP44oyviyDW75OhtElXcIkk_aem_JZ1FZS6eoxe2PVKXC6cKyA

Happening of various of the night or day, each performance involves the use a bottle of ink and 100 pieces of rice paper.


First Performance 14 June, 2024  6:30-8:30pm 100 rice paper

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Second Performance 18 June, 2024  3:00-4:30pm  200 rice paper

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Third Performance 19 June, 2024  11:15am-13:15pm. 300 pieces rice paper

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Fourth Performance 21 June, 2024  16:00-18:00pm. 400 rice paper

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Fifth Performance 24 June, 2024  15:30-17:30pm  500 rice paper


Sixth Performance 27 June, 2024  15:30-18:40pm  600 rice paper


Seventh Performance 29 June, 2024  15:30-17:30pm  700 rice paper


Eighth Performance 1 July, 2024  15:30-17:30pm  800 rice paper


Ninth Performance 2 July, 2024  15:30-17:30pm  900 pieces rice paper


Tenth Performance 4 July, 2024  15:00-17:00pm  1000 rice paper


Eleventh Performance 6 July, 2024  16:00-18:00pm  1100 pieces rice paper


Twelfth Performance 8 July, 2024  15:30-17:30pm  1200 pieces rice paper


Thirteenth Performance 9 July, 2024  15:30-17:00pm  1300 pieces rice paper


Fourteenth Performance 11 July, 2024  15:30-17:00pm  1400 pieces rice paper