On 16 April (Lunar calendar: jiazi hour, 12th day of the 3rd month, renyin year): Xiao Lu was born at the Province Hospital, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Xiao Lu was named after Shandong, her mother being of Shandong ancestry and Lu being an alternative name for Shandong. The family lived in No 1, Jingyun Cun, Nanjing Street, Hangzhou. Xiao Lu’s father was Xiao Feng, her mother Song Ren. Both were teachers in the Oil Painting Department of the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Art. 


Xiao Lu go to kindergarten at 3 years old. Adress in the "Orioles Singing in the Willows" (柳浪闻莺 ) by Culture bureau in Hangzhou.


Xiao Lu go to Nanjing with her aunt. On the way she got viral diarrhea, almost dead, then back to Hangzhou.


Xiao Lu was taken in by her maternal grandfather in Beijing to escape the oppression in Hangzhou. And attended kindergarten in Beijing, where she began to like dancing.


During the Cultural Revolution, Xiao Lu’s father was almost beaten to death by rebels. Xiao Lu returned to Hangzhou from Beijing, and attended Nanshan Street Primary School. Later the family moved to Hongchun Qiao, where she attended West Lake Primary School. While at school, she was a member of the school dance troupe.


Xiao Lu went with her parents to Shanghai, staying in female writer Hanzi’s house. She attended Maoming Road Primary School, Shanghai. Her younger sister Xiao Ge was born.


Xiao Lu lived in the hostel of the Shanghai Theatre Academy. She attended Huashan Road Primary School, participating in the school’s dance group. When the Beijing Central Dance Academy came to Shanghai to recruit students, she was selected, but gave up the opportunity due to her mother’s determined opposition to it.


Xiao Lu’s parents were transferred to work at the Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute. The family lived at 1477, Fuxing Zhong Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai. Xiao Lu attended Yongjia Road Primary School, Shanghai and participated and trained in its dance group.


Playing at home, Xiao Lu sustained a comminuted fracture of her right ankle-bone. The prognosis according to Western medicine was that she would be disabled, but she was healed by a course of Chinese medicine treatment. Giving the idea of a career in dance, she began painting.


Xiao Lu attended Shanghai Second High School, participating in its painting group.


Xiao Lu attended the Subsidiary Arts High School of the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing. This is the first time after cultural revolution, and four years of schooling, Class of 79. Classmates have: Na Dongyan(那东燕), Chen Shuxia(陈淑霞), Chen Xiaohong(陈晓荭), Wei Rong(韦蓉), Li Chen(李辰), Zu Tianli(祖天丽), Ten Fei(滕菲), An Liaojia(安廖葭), Zhang Yuemei(张月妹), Zhou Bin(周彬), Ni Jun(倪军), Meng Luding(孟禄丁), Cheng Fei(成非), Zhang Ga(张嘎), Guo Jiqiang(郭继强), Zhu Yan(朱岩), Li Yi(李益), Yuan Jia(袁加), Yin Qi(尹奇), Ju Yi(居奕), Wang Di(王迪), Duan Haikang(段海康), Zhang Qun(张群), Yan Qingyi(闫庆毅), jiang Yan(蒋岩), Ma Gang(马刚), Xiao Li(肖立).


Physical discomfort caused by emotional problems, Xiao Lu took a year off during her second year.


Go back to school and the class of 80. Classmates have: Lu Qing(路青),Yu Hong (喻红), Lv Yue(吕越), Wang Yiqin(王艺勤), Li Xiaodong(刘小东),Li Jun / Li Tianyuan ( 李军/李天元),Li Ming(李明),Li Guijun(李贵君),Zhao Yumin / Zhao Bandi (赵玉民/赵半狄),Hao Zhiqiang(郝智强),Zhu Jia(朱嘉),Fan Jun(凡俊),Cheng Kemei(程可槑),Zhai Ying(翟英),Wu Jinghan(吴静涵),huang Huasan(黄华三),lin Bin(林彬).


Be not good state, female classmate in a special way for xiao Lu celebrate 20 years old birthday.


Xiao Lu's condition improved. Her father Xiao Feng be president of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts.This year, Xiao Lu was sexually assaulted. 


Xiao Lu choose oil painting to learn, and then was accepted into the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Art (now the China Academy of Art) in Hangzhou. Classmates have:Jing Shijian (井士剑)、He Hongzhou (何红舟)、Chen Hongqing (陈宏庆)、Shang Pingjun (尚平君)、Yin Xiong (殷雄)、Zhang Qizhuang (张起壮)、Lv Qinzhi (吕勤智)、Fan Jun (樊俊)、Xu Guizhong (徐贵忠),Qi Haifeng (祁海峰).


Inspired by the Bulgarian tapestry artist Marin Varbanov, Xiao Lu began to use various materials in her artworks, producing the representative work Contemplation (installation).


Xiao Lu explored various artistic styles. Representative work: Woman, Old Man & Old woman (installation).


Xiao Lu from March to July created her graduation work Dialogue (installation). Due to opposition from a majority of the teaching staff in the Oil Painting Department, she at the same time created Red Wall (oil painting). Her graduation class supervisors were Zheng Shengtian, Hu Zhenyu and Wang Chengyi. In September, Xiao Lu was assigned to work at the Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute.


On 5 February 1989, Xiao Lu participated in the China Avantgarde Exibition with her installation and performance work Dialogue. At the opening, she fired two shots at Dialogue. Tang Song was arrested by mistake, and Xiao Lu gave herself up. The exhibition at the National Art Museum of China, Beijing, was temporarily closed down. On 8 February, Xiao Lu and Tang Song were released from the Dongcheng Detention Centre in Beijing. On 10 February, the National Art Museum of China, Beijing, reopened after five days of closure. Major news organizations across the world (such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time Magazine, and the Hong Kong-based Asia Week) reported this event. On 14 December, Xiao Lu arrived in Sydney, Australia.


For survival, living Rose Bay.


To participated in the exhibition "12 Chinese Contemporary Artist" at University of Sdney in July. Tang Song arrived to Sydney, with Xiao Lu live in Bondi.


Live in Rose Bay and Arncliffe, NSW, Australia.


End of 1997, back to Hangzhou of China.


Live in No. 222 Nan Shan Road, Hangzhou, China.


Xiao Lu with some friends rented a studio in the 798 Arts Precinct in Beijing. In October, she created the work Fifteen Gunshots 1989-2003 ( photography / performance ). In December, she completed a replica of her work Dialogue (installation).


2 February: Xiao Lu wrote the first draft of Explanation of Dialogue, the work which was shot with a gun at the National Art Museum of China, Beijing in 1989. At about the same time, she sent this Explanation to Gao Minglu and to Li Xianting. 12 April: the Beijing contemporary art website Art Alliance (Meishu Tongmeng) published Xiao Lu’s new work Fifteen gunshots 1989-2003. 20 April, 2004: the Art Alliance website published Xiao Lu’s correspondence with Gao Minglu. 23 April, 2004: the Art Alliance website published Xiao Lu’s Explanation of the Gunshot Work Dialogue at the National Art Museum of China, Beijing 1989 in draft. 2 May: Xiao Lu took part in the exhibition "Transborder Language 2004: Volume Control” (curated by Huang Rui and others). At the closing ceremony, Xiao Lu realized her performance: A Dialogue About Dialogue. In July, Xiao Lu moved out of 798 Art District to Hujialou in Beijing. In December, she began to write her autobiographical novel Dialogue.


The first draft of Xiao Lu’s autobiographical novel Dialogue was completed in March. In May, in response to an invitation from the Long March Space, Xiao Lu went to Yan’an to take part in the “Yan’an Forum on Arts and Education”, and presented her work Sperm (installation). In July, Archibald McKenzie commenced the translation into English of the novel Dialogue. On 22 November, China Guardian Auctions Co. Ltd. (Beijing ) held a special auction: ‘Twenty Years of Chinese Contemporary Art’. Xiao Lu’s work Dialogue (installation) was sold at auction for RMB 2,310,000 yuan.


On 28 April, the “Wen Pulin File Distribution Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art: Wang Deren, Xiao Lu, Zhang Nian” opened at the Zero Space . For the opening ceremony, the photograph of the performance Dialogue was withdrawn, but the installation remained. From April to July, Xiao Lu designed her new studio in Dongying, Beijing and moved in. 5 November: the installation Dialogue was included in the exhibition “The New Wave of ’85: he First Contemporary Art Movement in China”, curated by Fei Dawei and held at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing.


Xiao Lu created her work X (installation). Wen Zai composed music for it.


5 February: Gao Minglu curated the documentary exhibition “Twentieth Anniversary of Chinese Modern Art Documentary Exhibition” at the Wall Art Museum. Xiao Lu realized the performance work Wedlock. April: Wen Zai composed and recorded music for Wedlock. May: Xiao Lu created the work: Bullet (installation), and took part in the exhibition “School of Notion” (Yipai) curated by Gao Minglu. From June to August, Xiao Lu designed the Gao Minglu Contemporary Art Research Center. In October, she went to Belgium and Slovenia to take part in the movement “Women and Performance Art” curated by Berenice Angremy, and realized the performance works: What Is Love? and Drunk. In December, the Dongying Art Precinct was forcibly demolished, and Xiao Lu moved to Xiedao Art Precinct. Xiao Lu supported the “Warm Winter” project and realized the performance work Nine Fires.


Xiao Lu created her Love Letters series, which was exhibited in the "Daxiang Art Space" in Taiwan. She collaborated with Wang Lixin in designing her Skew House in the "T3 International Art District". In July, the Xiedao Art District was forcibly demolished, and Xiao Lu moved to Huantie Art Precinct. In November, Xiao Lu’s autobiographical novel Dialogue was published in Chinese and English by Hong Kong University Press, Translated by Archibald McKenzie. The Australian Embassy in Beijing held the launching ceremony.


In May 2011, Xiao Lu went to Hong Kong to take part in the exhibition "Red" held at the 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, and realized her performance work Science and Democracy. In June, Xiao Lu commenced a course of Daoist energy circulation massages given at the Medicine God Temple in Hangzhou under the supervision of Master Liu Qingyuan. In October, she began the Toxin series. In July, Beijing Skew House began construction in the "T3 International Art District". On 20 August, the work Dialogue returned after 22 years to the "National Art Museum of China" Beijing as part of the Taikang Collection Exhibition "Image/History/Existence" curated by Tang Xin. Before the opening ceremony, the video recording and performance photograph were withdrawn, but the installation remained.


3 March 2012: Xiao Lu’s works What is Feminism? (installation) and Flowers of Evil (installation) took part in the exhibition Bald Girls curated by Yong Xian and held at the Iberia Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing. At the opening ceremony, Xiao Lu in collaboration with Li Xinmo and Lan Jing realized the performance work Bald Girls. During the Exhibition, the viewer-interactive work What is Feminism? Please leave your answer was realized. On 12 December, Xiao Lu took part in the exhibition “Dust of the Heart-Mind” at the Pearl Lam Gallery in Hong Kong.


May:Xiao Lu travelled to Italy with her work Toxins which was included in the 55th Biennale di Venezia Collateral Exhibition The Grand Canal curated by Xiao Ge. May 31: at the Museo Diocesano, Venice, Xiao Lu spontaneously produced the performance Purge. June: Xiao Lu’s performance work Purge provoked a debate on Art International (www.artintern.net). September: Xiao Lu moved into her new residence and studio at T3 International Arts Precinct in Beijing. October 28 – November 3:  Xiao Lu took part in the WHY NOT? Auction Biennale Shanghai exhibition curated by Shi Jinsong, creating her performance work Bast Paper Room over seven days. December 28 – 5 January 2014: Xiao Lu took part in DIGITALIVE curated in Guangzhou by Jonas Stampe, creating her work YinYang Calendar 2013-2014 over nine days.


In March, Xiao Lu went to Women's Museum in Bonn, Germany. She participated in the Exibition "Bold Girls: Time"(April 13 - November 11)with her work Black Series, curator by Juan Xu. In July, Xiao Lu went to Bogota, Colombia, and took part in the "Bold Girls: Pink clours" ((July 31 - August 28) with her work Infiltration and Open Fire, a curator by Juan Xu. In December, Xiao Lu Participated in the "Fifth Guangzhou Scene" (December 3-December 7) planned by Jonas Stampe at Guangzhou Youyou Contemporary Art Center. Due to close exhibition three times and open exhibition three times, the performance "Open & Close" was carried out with feelings. , "Phoenix Art" live report. This is the first time that the media has reported on performance art on-site in China, and the traffic has reached 300,000 person-times. In the same year, Xiao Lu taught himself iphoto and Final Cut Pro editing software, and edited the "Xiao Lu" album and performance video for the first time. 


In August, I went to Gothenburg, Sweden to participate in the "10th Gothenburg Performance Live - Time Live" curator by Jonas Stampe (August 6th - August 30th). From August 27th to 30th, Xiao Lu carried out "money laundering" in Hongshitou Bay. At the same time, she participated in the "10th Gothenburg Performance Live" curator by Jonas Stampe (September 1st - September 6th), and performed the performance "One" at the Valand Academy of Art in Gothenburg on September 5th.


It was a busy year, participating in 21 exhibitions. In January, at the invitation of "Phoenix Art", Xiao Lu went to London, England, to support Xiao Ge's installation work "Integration" by the Thames River. In the same month, she participated in the "Beyond Action" exhibition at Beijing Kirin Contemporary Art Center (January 16th - April 6th). On February 3, she completed the article "Useless Modernity" requested by "New Architecture" magazine (the article has not been published). On March 19th, the performance "Human" was performed at the exhibition hall of Beijing Kirin Contemporary Art Center. In September, at the invitation of Stein Henningsen, I went to Longyearbyen and Pyramiden, both close to the North Pole. Implemented three performance works "The Lost Ghost Town", "Covenant" and "Poetry Translation". The glaciers and knives in the Arctic gave Xiao Lu unexpected inspiration. He returned to Beijing and participated in the "First Beijing Live" planned by Jonas Stampe (October 14th - October 23rd). On October 23rd, he performed "Polar", a performance During the process, the knife continued to cut the palm for about half an hour, until the dizziness stopped due to excessive blood loss. After that, he went to Jishuitan Hospital and had a three-hour operation that night. Three tendons and one tendon in his palm were severed. This is Xiao Lu's experience of narrow escape from death.


On February 16, Jonas Stampe curated the "Xiao Lu" solo exhibition, which was held at the Skovde Art Museum in Sweden. The performance "Hanging Ice" was performed at the opening ceremony. In mid-May, I went to Venice to participate in the "4th Venice Live" planned by Jonas Stampe. I performed the performance "Holy Water" in St. Mark's Square and got myself drunk again. Curator Jonas Stampe saw this and walked away, and Luca and Wan Bing took Xiao Lu to the hospital. In June, the work "Polar" participated in the "Chinese Contemporary Art Yearbook Exhibition 2016" curated by Zhu Qingsheng. In October, I went to New York to participate in the opening ceremony of "Art and China after 1989 - Theater of the World" at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, curated by Alexandra Monroe, Philip Tinari and Hou Hanru. , the work "Dialogue" was selected to participate in the exhibition. At the end of the year, I encountered the coldest winter in Beijing. I went to the "Xinjian Village" and "Pi Village" and felt the reality that was crueler than art. The article "Bitter Winter" was posted on my personal website.


On April 28, Xiao Lu completed the performance "Correction" in the studio. This behavior was stopped midway by curator Cai Qing in September 2017, and was refused to be implemented by curator Jonas Stampe in November 2017. For this reason, the "Xiao Lu Studio Project: Correction" was launched. On May 24th, I went to Sydney, Australia, to participate in the Chinese Women’s Art Exhibition “Nüshu” (May 25th – July 14th) curated by the former Australian Ambassador to Beijing Geoff Raby at the Suzaku Gallery, where my work “Polar” was exhibited. At the end of June, I went to London, England, and my work "Dialogue" was exhibited at the Tate Modern, a one-year collection exhibition "Performer and Particpant" (https://www.tate.org.uk/visit /tate-modern/display/xiao-lu-and-niki-de-saint-phalle). On September 16th, we participated in "Creation: Her Kind" (September 16th - October 14th) planned by curator Aila Lin and held at Beijing Zhuzhong Art Museum. Seven works including "15 Guns...from 1989 to 2003", "Sperm", "Between Paper", "Human", "Polar", "Holy Water" and "Correction" were exhibited. On December 29, the "Three Phenomenons - Root Structure of Art Creation" exhibition (December 29, 2018 - February 7, 2019) curated by curator Liu Li and academic director Wei Jingjing was held in Shanghai Held by Half Picture Art Museum, the works "Polar", "Unity" and "Correction" were exhibited.


In the early morning of January 18th, Xiao Lu performed the performance "Making the Tide" on a beach near Sydney. On the 19th, the solo exhibition "Xiao Lu: Language Hey" opened at the 4A Asian Contemporary Art Center in Sydney, Australia (https://archive.4a.com.au /xiao-lu-impossible-dialogue/). Curators: Claire Roberts (Luo Qingqi), Mickala Tai, Xu Hong. Exhibition period: January 19th - March 24th. On the 20th, Xiao Lu had a conversation with Wesley Enoch, chief planner of the Sydney Arts Festival. On the 24th, Xiao Lu, Luo Qingqi and Xu Hong gave lectures at the Brisbane Contemporary Art Center. On the 30th, a lecture on "Gender + Asian Art" was held at the Buxton Contemporary of the University of Melbourne. Guests: Luo Qingqi, Xiao Lu, Shao Yiyang, Xu Hong, Wu Lan, Chloe Ho. On February 1st, the seminar "Chinese Contemporary Art and Thirty Years of Xiao Lu Art" was held at the 4A Asia Art Center in Sydney. Guests: Xu Hong, Nicholas Jose (Zhou Si), John Clark (Jiang Kule), Olivier Krischer, Paul Gladstin & Lynne Howarth-Gladston, Archibald McKenzie (in article), Yu-Chieh Li. On April 14, the Shanghai Feldspar Art Foundation held a lecture on "Artistic Implications of Female Consciousness" with guest speakers: Xiao Lu and Zhang Nian. On May 12, the work "Unity" participated in the "Landing" exhibition at Beijing Nine Art Museum. On June 4, Zhen and I went to Hong Kong for the first time to attend the June 4th candlelight rally in Victoria Park. That night, our WeChat account was banned for 24 hours for the first time. The immersive shock and shame made Xiao Lu continue to pay attention to Hong Kong and participate in it. On the same day, "My Eighties" directed by Chinese-American Yang Yang was broadcast in France and Germany on Arte. The interviewers in the film were: Wang Keping, Li Shuang, Cui Jian, Wen Pulin, and Xiao Lu. On June 22, I gave a lecture at Peking University School of Arts to share my works. On July 19, the work "Dialogue" participated in the "Thousand-Hand Guanyin" collection exhibition at the Red Brick Art Museum. On August 19, the work "Dialogue" participated in the "Photography in China: 180 Years" exhibition at Yinchuan Contemporary Art Museum. On September 12, Xiao Lu's performance work "Tilting" created for Hong Kong was implemented at No. 10 Chanzan Lane Gallery in Hong Kong. On the same day, Xiao Lu's solo exhibition "Tilting" opened. Participate in the Hong Kong parade on September 15th. On September 23, I received the album "Great Women Artists" published by PHAIDON Publishing House in the UK. The book covers more than 400 female artists from 50 countries and spans 500 years of history. The work "Dialogue" is included in it. Went to Hong Kong again with Ah Zhen. Go to New York from October 10th to 20th to attend the opening ceremony of the new MoMA. On October 20, the performance image of the work "Dialogue" was exhibited at the "Collection Exhibition: 1970s to the Present" at MoMA in New York (https://www.moma.org/collection/works/114901).


On January 23 due to the new coronavirus, Wuhan was locked down and Hangzhou entered the first level of epidemic prevention. Xiao Lu stayed in Hangzhou until June, during which time he created the work "Sealing". On January 31st, WeChat IDs will be open 24 hours a day. In March, "Look", a member publication of the New South Wales Museum of Art in Australia, published the article "Xiao Lu: 15 Guns... From 1989 to 2003" by Cao Yin, director of Chinese Art. This work was collected by the New South Wales Museum of Art. On March 6, the WeChat account will be open 24 hours a day. From March 24th to 28th, WeChat accounts will be posted for four days. From April 15th to 25th, WeChat accounts will be sealed for ten days. On May 6, WeChat will permanently change its account. On May 26, the WeChat account will be open 24 hours a day. Returned to Beijing on June 3. On June 14, I participated in the live online broadcast between New York and Beijing of CVSZ Dialogue Column No. 03 "Art and Feminism". Guests: Xiao Lu, Tong Yujie, Mimiana. Dialogue host: Li Jiete. The article "Feng" was posted on my personal website. On the same day, the epidemic broke out in Beijing's Xinfadi market and I was unable to leave Beijing. From June to August, he created the work "Seal". Website (xiaolu.com.au) redesigned and revised. The works "Human" (furniture installation/2007) and "Human" (performance installation/2016), two works of the same name ten years apart, were exhibited at Tianjin Yuandian Art Museum-Wuqing on October 25, by Gao Minglu and It also appeared in the exhibition "Yidong" curated by Gu Yan. In August, a friend informed me that the articles she had previously published on Sina and Meipian about my performance works "Polar" and "Dialogue" had been blocked. The work "Marriage" participated in a group exhibition of female artists in Shanghai. During the exhibition review, I was told that Xiao Lu's work could not be exhibited. There are various signs that it should be on some kind of blacklist. So consider leaving Beijing. On November 8th, I came to my father’s hometown, Nodian Village, for the first time. On November 14, the work "Dialogue" participated in the "Democracy" exhibition curated by Tate Liverpool. The exhibition period is: November 14, 2020 - (https://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-liverpool/ tate-liverpool-free-collection-displays). On the 16th, "Dialogue" reading club was hosted by No. 10 Chanson Lane Gallery in Hong Kong, with online dialogue via Zoom. On December 15th, a live broadcast of "How to View Performance Art" was held at Cai Jin Space. Host: Mino, guests: Xiao Lu and He Yunchang.


On January 6, he took flight NZ288 from Shanghai, transferred to flight NZ703 via Auckland, and arrived in Sydney on January 7. He was quarantined at the "Marriott Sydney Harbor" hotel for 14 days at his own expense of 3,000 Australian dollars. From February to August, the work "Making Tides" participated in the "Third Women's Image Exhibition" and "China: Contemporary Art Exhibition" curated by Elizabeth Ross at the Queretaro Municipal Museum in Mexico. From February 18th to 22nd, Xiao Lu arrived in Hobart to participate in the "Dis / Contiuning Traditions _ Contemporary Video Art From China" exhibition curated by Paul Gladston & Lynne Howarth-Gladston, "Consolidation" (performance video) and three ink works On display at Long Gallery/Salamanca Arts Centre. After being introduced by Luo Qingqi, he moved into Elizabeth Bay, Sydney on March 8. On April 23, open Facebook and Instagram accounts. On May 20, I participated in the online lecture "Viewing - Reflections on Chinese Contemporary Art" hosted by Xiang Chengmei from the School of Art of the University of Western Australia. June 6, online conversation: Whiskey Chow & Xiao Lu, host: Guo Xiaofei. From June 26 to October 10, NSW was closed for 107 days, during which the number of epidemics was recorded. I got my Australian Medicare card in July. From July 30th to 31st, the WeChat account will be open 24 hours a day. From August 2nd to 5th, WeChat accounts will be sent for three days. From September 4th to 11th, WeChat accounts will be sealed for seven days. On September 28, I got the first shot of the Moderna vaccine. From October 22nd to December 12th, Xu Hong curated "Realm of Existence: Contemporary Art Exhibition", which was held at the Tsinghua University Art Museum in Beijing. The works "15 Guns...from 1989 to 2003", "Polar" and "Hanging Ice" were exhibited. On October 23, Luo Qingqi, curator of the University of Melbourne, had an online conversation with artist Xiao Lu. Theme: Art + Courage CoVA creates the future series. (https://sites.research.unimelb.edu.au/…/dia…/art-courage) . On October 26, I got my second dose of the Moderna vaccine. From October 28th to November 27th, WeChat accounts will be kept for thirty days. On November 24, he was admitted to St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney for treatment due to chest pain, and was discharged on the 29th, confirmed to have HOCM. From December 16th to 19th, Hong Kong No. 10 Chanson Lane Gallery participated in the "BOOKED: Hong Kong Art Book Fair 2021" book fair, and the novel "Dialogue" was exhibited. On December 18, he participated in the "Oxford China Forum" in the UK, with the theme: Feminism and Art. Guests: Xiao Lu, Xiang Jing, Li Xinmo, and Peng Wei. On December 23, the "National Memorial Pillar" sculpture of June 4th at the University of Hong Kong was removed. On December 31st, post the video interview conducted by Asia Pacific Art Magazine in 2019 on Facebook and Instagram (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzBbkaJhJtA).


On January 24, he underwent implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD) surgery at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney and was discharged from the hospital on the 28th. From May 7th to August 31st, "Making Tide" (Performance Video) participated in Melbourne's "ARRA Video Art Project No. 2". From May 13th to October 16th, the performance videos "Dialogue", "Polar" and "Correction" participated in the exhibition "Runaway! Female Identity in Chinese Contemporary Art" at Lillehammer Art Museum in Norway (https://eng .lillehammerkunstmuseum.no/exhibitions/other-previous-exhibitions/stepping-out?fbclid=IwAR17rJHmJ8YL3VTAthANGHHZ1mNCio-h1FzkGpjXXtMpCdp8CV2wBNEytHg). 26 Chinese female artists participated in the exhibition. On July 4th, I embarked on a trip to Europe. Arriving in Frankfurt, Germany on July 5, he stayed at the home of curator Yong Xian. On July 9, he and Yong Xian arrived in Dusseldorf. On July 14th, he participated in the "Bald Girl - Chain Reaction" exhibition at KUH Art Space in Dusseldorf, Germany. At the opening ceremony, the performance "Dirt. Traces" was performed with artist Lan Jing. The work "Tilting" (performance video) and the latest work "Tear Down This Wall" (installation/video) were exhibited. Arrives in Gronhechs, Denmark on July 16th. Arrive in Copenhagen on the 23rd. Arrive at the Lillehammer Museum of Art in Norway on July 27 to visit the exhibition "Exodus! Female Identity in Chinese Contemporary Art" and meet the director and exhibition curator Nils Ohlsen. Arriving in Oslo on July 29th. Arriving in Venice, Italy on August 1st, I stayed in Muzzolon, the hometown of my friend LUCA, for a period of time. During the period, I visited the Brion Vega Cemetery designed by Italian architectural designer Carlo Scarpa and the 59th Venice Biennale. Arriving in London on August 14th. On August 19th, I went to the Tate Gallery in Liverpool. My work "Conversation" (installation) is on display in the collection exhibition called "Democracy". On August 20, the work "15 Guns...from 1989 to 2003" participated in the "20th Century Collection Exhibition" at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia (https://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/whats-on/exhibitions /20th-century-galleries/ ). Arriving in Paris on August 24th. Arrive in Kassel, Germany on August 30 and visit the 15th Documenta. Arriving in Wiesbaden, Germany on September 2, he settled in his current home. Arrive at the Museum of Fine Arts in Wolfsburg, Germany on September 9 to attend the opening ceremony of the "Empowerment" exhibition. This exhibition selects 100 female artists from 50 countries around the world. The exhibition will be on display until January 8, 2023. My work "Fire" will be exhibited (https://www.kunstmuseum.de/en/exhibition/empowerment/). Returned to Sydney on September 12th, ending a more than two-month European trip. On September 21, I participated in a dialogue on the topic of "Art and Politics" at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia. On October 1, participated in the Iran protest rally in Sydney's BELMORE Park. From October 15 to February 20, 2023, the work "Unity" will participate in the "China: Melting the Past and Forging the Present" exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia (https://www.ngv.vic.gov.au/exhibition/china -the-past-is-present/), the work "Unity" is published on the cover of the NGV issue 37 bi-monthly magazine from November to December 2022 (https://store.ngv.vic.gov.au/products/ngv -magazine-november-december-2022-issue-37?_pos=1&_sid=c924796b8&_ss=r&variant=40388801724499). On December 2, the performance videos "Dialogue", "Polar" and "Correction" participated in the "Exodus! Female Identity in Chinese Contemporary Art" exhibition held at Kunstglstrand Art Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark (https://glstrand.dk/en/ exhibitions/stepping-out/ ), exhibition period: December 2, 2022 - March 12, 2023.


I set off from Sydney back to Hangzhou on January 17. My parents both contracted the coronavirus and were fine. On January 28, Xiao Lu’s work “Dialogue” participated in the “Framing the Revolution” exhibition at Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Oregon, USA (https://jsma.uoregon.edu/Framing-the-Revolution#). Xiao Lu returned to Sydney from Shanghai on February 11. At 11:30PM on February 23 (Sydney time), She participated in the "Autobiography of Chinese Contemporary Artists" organized by London-based artist Sheng Qi, the first article "Xiao Lu: The Avenger's Bullet" (https://youtu.be/RmVbVAvzcKk). At 1:30AM on March 4 (Sydney time), the second article "Xiao Lu: Gunshots in the Art Museum Shocked the World" (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f6vBqaBrnwI). On March 18, Sheng Qi's "Autobiography of Chinese Contemporary Art" released "Xiao Lu's Performance Collection" (https://youtu.be/IEKtRSXP5). At 9:30AM on March 19th (Sydney time), Sheng Qi interviewed Xiao Lu for the third time. The third article is "Xiao Lu: I was thinking about falling in love every day and had no interest in social issues at all..." (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WXJos_jB24&t=6s). In March, She went to the visa section of the Chinese Consulate in Sydney to apply for a return trip to China and was asked to write a guarantee: "Xiao Lu promises not to engage in any art-related activities while in China." Only then was the visa granted. (Note: When applying for a return visa in December 2022, She will not be required to sign this written document). On April 1st, the performance videos "Dialogue", "Polar" and "Correction" participated in the "Exodus! Female Identity in Chinese Contemporary Art" exhibition held by the Austrian Museum of Fine Arts (Museum der Moderne Salzburg) (https://www. museumdermoderne.at/en/exhibitions/detail/stepping-out-female-identities-in-chinese-contemporary-art/?fbclid=IwAR1O0H96XLZMj0zkc_BFWjopU1Niiny-iLnxKXC174I1IPtaftSPzZteI34), exhibition period: April 1st - June 25th. Xiao Lu flew from Sydney to Hangzhou on April 19 and arrived in Beijing on May 4. My friend once again published an article about my performance work "Polar" in the United States, but it was still blocked. When I asked about it, I was told that there was something wrong with the author's name. He left Beijing for Hangzhou on May 16th and returned to Sydney on May 29th. On August 22, the new Taikang Art Museum in Beijing was inaugurated, and the opening exhibition "Joining the WTO: Chinese Modern and Contemporary Art since the 20th Century" opened. Xiao Lu's work "Dialogue" was exhibited. Exhibition period: August 22, 2023 - January 12, 2024. Exhibition chief planner: Chen Dongsheng; curator: Tang Xin. On September 5th, I went from Sydney to Hangzhou to visit my parents. On the 25th, I went to Vancouver. On the 29th, I gave a lecture at Center A in Vancouver at 2 pm. On October 1st, I went to Eugene, USA to visit Jerome Silbergeld. Arrive in San Francisco on the 10th and meet Zhang Weimin, Zhang Shuang, Cheng Fei and others. Lecture at 7pm on the 12th at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. On the 16th, I went to Cuernavaca, Mexico to participate in the "4th Chinese Women Artists Video Art Festival" curated by Elizabeth Ross. On the 18th, I gave a lecture at the "Morelos Museum of Contemporary Art" at 12 noon. Headed to Mexico City on the 20th, and left for Santa Fe in the United States on the 23rd to meet the curator Jenna Madison. Arrive in Pittsburgh, USA on the 27th. Returned to Sydney on November 4th.