Anti-extradition bill ( Social Action )

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In September 2019, I came to Hong Kong to participate in the solo exhibition "Skew" at 10 Chansan Lane gallery, and performed "Skew" on September 12th. On September 15, I participated in the first "anti-extradition" march. After returning to Beijing, with Ah Zhen went to Hong Kong again to participate in the "anti-extradition" marches and rallies. The spirit of Hong Kong people awakens my conscience and courage, which is my determination to support Hong Kong without hesitation. Then I took to the streets with Hong Kong people. At that time, I was like a war reporter, holding a camera on the overpass, on the street, and in the parade. I remember being hit by tear gas and unable to open my eyes, being held by my friends and running on the street... In those unforgettable days, I was with the people of Hong Kong.

—— Xiao Lu


Hennessy Road, Hong Kong  2019.9.15  Photogapher: Xiao Lu


Chater Garden, Hong Kong  2019.9.27  Photographer: Xiao Lu


Admiralty, Hong Kong  2019.9.29. Photographer: Xiao Lu

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